K.G. Garments


(100% Export Oriented Woven Ready Made Garments Manufacturer)

K.G. Garments Limited. is one of the renowned manufacturers in the Woven apparel textile market with a long tradition of quality and customer satisfaction internationally. The company was originally established in 1998 with a vision to grow exponentially in future. Our company has an experienced management team with more than 20 years practical experience in the garments industry. This huge strength assists to provide world class factory operations, production, highest level of customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

As a part of our Total Quality Management Philosophy the management has built a brand-new factory in 2017 with advanced technology and safety features that aligns with BSCI, Accord and Alliance standards. We are proud to mention that our layout of the new factory meets the international standards and has all the standard amenities.

The company has approximately 1500 employees. Production is mainly made up by Woven outerwear garments using 100% cotton and cotton / mixed fabrics. Our production capacity has more than 300,000 pcs per month. KG Garments Ltd is very well experienced in all European and North American Market. The main markets are Italy, Germany, U.K., Sweden, USA and Canada.

The company is continuously making new improvements to reach the new levels and also to be a long-term strategic partner with our clients. As a part of our commitment and company vision, we are continuously searching for options in lowering costs, enhance efficiency, productivity and to give the best price without compromising quality to our customers.



We set total Quality Management as a fundamental philosophy of our organization. Our goal is to keep continuous improvement with focusing on team work, improve efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction, and lowering costs.

Within this respect we:
1. Focus on quality measurement (using feedback at each stage of production)
2. Reward Quality and high production with employee incentives
3. Focus on Quality training at all levels
4. Stress problem identification and solution
5. Promote innovation and total participation


Our main target is to achieve highest efficiency in our production, continuous improvement, on time delivery and full customer satisfaction.

1. K.G. Garments Limited specializes in Men’s and Ladies wear.
2. K.G. Garments Limited prides herself with the very high standard of Quality with it’s own labs.
3. High quality control and testing procedures are in place that ensures only perfect garments fordelivery to our clients.



We are committed to the best human workplace practices. Our goal is to continuously improve our Human Resource and safety policies and procedures through education, training, communication, and employee engagement.

In regard to that we had identified eight (8) areas of importance. The Company commits to management review, employee open communication, policy development and coordination with the BSCI standards. We are also committed to comply with all State/Local laws and Industrial/Factory laws of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh to provide a favorable employment environment that respects, understands the needs of its employees.

The company commits to inform all employees of its policy and position on the BSCI standards. All employees are made aware of the Policy and Company Statement upon implementation. All new employees are trained on the current process and procedures during the new employee orientation program. Periodically throughout the year the company will reaffirm its commitment to the BSCI policy through employee communications such as office notice, demonstration and training.

The eight (8)-identified areas are:
1. Child Labor
2. Working hour & Forced Labor
3. Health and Safety
4. Freedom of Assembly/ Right to Collectively Bargain
5. Discrimination
6. Disciplinary Practices
7. Social Compliance
8. Remuneration/ Compensation


Factory Address: Holding #156, Block-A, Chairman Bari Road, South Shalna, Gazipur Shodor, Gazipur-1703, Bangladesh.

No. of Employee : 1200 (+/-)
Establishment : 1998
Factory Floor Space : 90,000 SQ FT (Single Shade).
Bounded Warehouse : 15,000 SQ FT
Product Range : Men’s and Ladies Pants, Shorts, skirts, Uniform & Children Wear.

K.G. Garments Limited is committed to meet and exceed customer requirements and satisfaction in making garments. We are also very committed and dedicated to meet our employee satisfaction.


5 pockets Denim / Twill Pant 250000 pcs/month
Chino (4 Pocket) Denim or Twill 230000 pcs/month
230000 pcs/month Bermuda Shorts / Long 200000 pcs/month
6 pockets Cargo shorts / Long 1800000 pcs/month
Swimming Shorts 250000 pcs/month
Non-Padding Jacket 180000 pcs/month
Pants with Padding 150000 pcs/month
Ladies Skirts & Shorts 230000 pcs/month
Overall, Short all & Uniform 200000 pcs/month
Denim & Knit Combine Pant 200000 pcs/month
Boxer Shorts 350000 pcs/month
Sleeping Wear (Pajama Set) 150000 set/month



Auto Trimmer Plain Machine 350 pcs
Auto Trimmer Two Needle 055 pcs
Auto Trimmer Two Needle Chain Stitch 016 pcs
Auto Trimmer Overlock 050 pcs
Auto Trimmer Overlock 004 pcs
Feed of the Arm 014 pcs
Kansai PMD 014 pcs
Flatbed inter-lock 008 pcs
Computerized Eyelet Hole 004 pcs
Computerized Bar tack 025 pcs
Computerized Button Hole 008 pcs
Computerized Button Stitch 008 pcs
Hydraulic Pneumatic Snap Button 030 Pcs
Computerized Velcro Attach 003 pcs
Semi-Auto Back Pocket Attach 002 pcs
Zigzag Stitch 003 pcs
Blind Stitch 004 pcs
Fabric Cutting Machine 010 pcs
Fabric Edge Cutter 003 pcs
Fabric Inspection & Relaxer 002 pcs
Needle Detector 002 pcs
Fusing Machine 002 pcs
Auto Thread Trimmer 008 pcs
Thread Sucker 004 pcs
Band Knife 002 Pcs
Steam Iron & Vacuum Table 036 Pcs
500 KG Steam Boiler 001 pc
Generator (500KVA and 220KVA) 002 pcs

K.G. Garments Limited is committed to meet and exceed customer requirements and satisfaction in making garments. We are also very committed and dedicated to meet our employee satisfaction.

We are committed to reduce rejection and re-work rate in process and final garments in order to ensure quality product and delivery time as per buyer’s requirements.

We also ensure adequate training and suitable work environment to enhance productivity and skills of the employee.

K.G. Garments Limited. reviews its performance in all areas time to time and takes measures to continue quality improvement, efficiency, social compliance, work environment, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction.


House#8, Road#14, Level#5

Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209


+88 02 9130369